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  1. felting workshop for Aussies in Melbourne
  2. Let's have a poll
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  4. Self portrait
  5. A Facebook Fan Page for my Etsy Shop - Check It Out
  6. Let's have a poll
  7. Question regarding blending silk into wool
  8. Using a hat shaper
  9. felting Fr. angora layer?
  10. pre-felt
  11. What the heck is wet felting
  12. cobweb on a washboard
  13. Wedding dress
  14. fire proofing felt
  15. Help! Middle of project not getting felted
  16. Dog Fur Felt
  17. Can you help me identify this wool???
  18. Surface designs on felt balls
  19. what do you felt on?
  20. portable washer & dryer
  21. Felt jackets
  22. Interfacing for a handbag?
  23. my first try at wet felting
  24. wet felting doll clothes
  25. Wet felting for children
  26. Which soap is best for felted soap?
  27. Best way to construct a bag?
  28. Vest with resist felting
  29. first attempt
  30. Felted Clogs
  31. Wet Felting - Julie Williams
  32. What is your favorite music to felt with? (felt to???)
  34. Persian cat fur
  35. softest wool?
  36. Any help would be much appreciated!
  37. RH lindsycompany wool
  38. How do you full when you start wet felting by rolling?
  39. Help! Sponge Box Newbie
  40. wet felting a purse
  41. finished my purse! Thanks Ruth!
  42. Wet flat very even and flat
  43. NunoFelt Workshop
  44. Best storage for wool roving
  45. Restoring the ph of the wool
  46. good books on seamless wet felt pouches/bags???
  47. Alpaca fiber is hard to felt?
  48. Help with felting soap
  49. I made my first pair of slippers
  50. Is the bamboo mat necessary?
  51. Wall Hanging
  52. how to?
  53. fulling weaving
  54. Nuno Felt Class you won't want to miss!
  55. hellp! eek, wet felting problems!
  56. Any websites about wet flower felting?
  57. Frugal ... Non Electric ... Hand Made ... Fulling Machine
  58. problems with wet felting
  59. Detergent for wet felting
  60. OK, Call me crazy!!!
  61. Can wet felting be molded into a shape?
  62. First time wet felting
  63. Beads
  64. 1st Nuno Felted Scarf
  65. Dyeing and felting
  66. Embedding in felt....
  67. Another soap question
  68. How to care for a hand felted piece
  69. a wet felted hat and some bags I have made
  70. Getting started
  71. Anybody felting with Finn Sheep and Dorcet?
  72. Just an idea
  73. Cherry blossom
  74. Hanging a needlefelted tapestry
  75. Ideas/tips for using locks in wet felting?
  76. Really getting started
  77. Not a pink elephant
  78. Frames
  79. Orange summer slippers
  80. A Couple of Bags
  81. Wall Hanging
  82. First piece wet felting
  83. Trying for more pics
  84. Angellina in wet felt?
  85. Wool for felting
  86. Flickr Group for Forum Members
  87. Silk for nunofelting
  88. Wet felted flower necklace
  89. wet felting around aluminum foil?
  90. New Pictures
  91. Pictures
  92. Hanging Felt
  93. OK... I tried to make a purse... UPDATED in last post
  94. Nuno Felt, how to test for done?
  95. Is this nuno?
  96. Design felt
  97. Using dog fur
  98. Felted tornado
  99. Inspired morning
  100. New Photos
  101. Needle Felting after Wet Felting?
  102. Needle Felting after Wet Felting with photo
  103. Alpaca & Nuno Felting
  104. Labels and signatures
  105. Bamboo Mat
  106. Wet felting around a form?
  107. books
  108. Wet Felting and Amount of Soap
  109. Using Your Own FEET?
  110. Ideas for forms
  111. Should I add beading/embroidery & tidy up the edges?
  112. Which wool is best?
  113. Does "optim" felt?
  114. Slippers #2 and a table mat!
  115. Felt-o-matic
  116. Ebb Tide
  117. pounding felt to make it firm
  118. Felted fabric for upholstery
  119. Wet Felted Purse
  120. Technique question
  121. Felting Workshop/Teacher wanted in MO
  122. one of you ever felted karakul???
  123. new at wet felting
  124. Felted "Wave" scarves
  125. Sophie's Ribbon
  126. A Sale!
  127. Felt and the weather
  128. Is there a trick to Wet Felting Round Balls Smooth??
  129. Wet felted wallhanging
  130. Wool from scratch!
  131. Felting slippers tutorials or classes
  132. Do You USe Flickr & Silk?
  133. where...
  134. Net/screen?
  135. Bamboo mat or felters roller? Which do you prefer?
  136. can you felt over metal mesh items?
  137. "Uniquely Felt" by Christine White
  138. Felted flower gone wrong
  139. Congratulations Inger Maaike!
  140. Is wet felting suitable to make a baby hat?
  141. Can I continue to felt...
  142. Adventures with Fleece: an update
  143. Fairy Doll: Wet or Needle?
  144. Knitting and wet felting
  145. BETTER QUALITY PICS ADDED! Tell me what you see....
  146. Wet felting disasters - what to do?
  147. using a resist
  148. Deborah Pope
  149. best place to get roving in Canada?
  150. Colours for wet felted paintings...
  151. Alpaca....
  152. Orange Crusher - Wet felt advice
  153. Waterlilies...
  154. My Mermaid's hair won't felt!
  155. Further to "Mermaid's Hair"
  156. Nuno felting onto silk?
  157. My first (second really) vessel
  158. My 7yr old son's homework! Pic added to 1st post.
  159. First Time for Scarf - How much wool?
  160. Hat making & hat blocks
  161. Carding bows
  162. How i keep my head warm, next winter
  163. Soap
  164. Tips on Fulling?
  165. easy kid's project
  166. strap for purse
  167. First Annual Felting Exchange
  168. felt french press cozy tutorial, feedback welcome!
  169. Rug or blanket advice wanted
  170. Just saw Inger's Etsy
  171. cutting open wetfelt
  172. Ok, Inger, I followed your baby bootie directions....
  173. Here are my latest creations
  174. The hats I made
  175. Can anyone recommend a hat stiffener?
  176. Stuff I made and an attempt to include photos...
  177. Resist for a beret?
  178. Using a resist? There's a photo now!
  179. mittens
  180. rugs felted
  181. Gertie Balls and Balloons
  182. Fun Felted dolls
  183. Happy Felt
  184. washing
  185. Zippers in felted bags
  186. making a two ply cord
  187. Wet Felting Treasury on Etsy
  188. Bag with multiple compartments on a resist...
  189. wisteria at Midnight
  190. Need help never felted before!
  191. green purse
  192. What kind of bar soap to felt around?
  193. using tapestry wool
  194. Evil moth lavrae eats my fiber art!
  195. How to avoid/eliminate creased seams on resist made felt?
  196. How much will merino shrink?
  197. Securing felted bead to ring base?
  198. making resist for stuffed toy
  199. Heartfelt Headdress
  200. Skin & environmentally friendly soap recipes? (for felti
  201. Felting on a ball tips needed.
  202. Making leather bag straps
  203. New Rug made with my class
  204. Something was alive in my felted soap...
  205. I need a custom job...
  206. Where do you get the silk hankies?
  207. What was alive in my felted soap? Make your best guess here
  208. Some big time sillyness
  209. gotland bag
  210. A Couple of Questions...
  211. Anybody making scarves?
  212. What's a good first project?
  213. What do you felt for gifts for boys and men?
  214. how do i felt wool that isnt prepared like merino is
  215. I am doing something wrong...
  216. resists
  217. Ripples - are these normal or am I doing something wrong?
  218. design a purse help
  219. I saw this really funky rolling pin & it gave me an Idea
  220. How to get straight/smooth edges?
  221. shoe lasts
  222. Prefelt question
  223. felting balls in washer question
  224. Best Type of Wool for Hat?
  225. wet felting ruffles
  226. Sewing zips onto felt bags/purses?
  227. Chinese New Year
  228. First attempt...
  229. Optim Merino Mishap...
  230. need WF material suggestion
  231. Shrinkage formula
  232. Felting soap question
  233. Choosing types of Wool
  234. Pilling on my felted soaps!
  235. Anyone used Norwegian wool?
  236. fluffy nuno felt
  237. Latest hats hot out of the studio
  238. bamboo sushi matt
  239. Problems with corners looking "stretched" after fu
  240. Shopping hat
  241. help with colour
  242. Felting with children
  243. about this felting onto a resist thing...
  244. Who wants a picture of their hat in a book for germen class?
  245. Felting with Alpaca Fibre
  246. Question about cutting felt
  247. Tried the kids project
  248. Karoliina Arvilommi Felting Video
  249. A Tricky one
  250. Felting finished felt to new felt