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Thread: smooth felting

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    smooth felting

    as a newcommer to wet felting can anyone advise me on how to get a smooth finish. Mine always end up too 'hairy'.Is it the fibres or my technique?

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    smooth felting
    Hi Jubyytwoshoes! Welcome!

    It might be both.. what type of wool are you using? Does your finish look sort of "fluffy" as well? That may mean you need to full longer. The finer the wool the less hairy too.. for that reason I only use 15-18 micron merino when felting scarves.

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    smooth felting
    Yes, some wools are hairier than others! I mostly use merino - it suits what I do.

    You can get a really smooth finish by taking things slowly and gently and using tepid water (not hot). The slower the felting and fulling, the smoother the felt. Also, after the initial rubbing, felt and full completely by rolling (instead of 'bashing it about' to full) - it takes forever, but you get smooth felt.

    To give you some idea, if you use merino wool, when your piece is fulled it will have shrunk by approx 30% (that obviously varies a bit).
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    Thanks both. I was using Blue Faced Leicester 26 micron. I think slower and longer is also good advice. I did some more last night and it was much better. (although my arms do ache!) pain no gain.
    Thanks for the advice.

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    smooth felting
    Look on the bright side - it's good bye to bingo wings with no need for a gym membership!

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    smooth felting
    I have been known to take a disposable razor to pieces I want to be smooth. It must be shaved with a very light touch though.

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    smooth felting
    Quote Originally Posted by lyn View Post's good bye to bingo wings with no need for a gym membership!
    It took me a long time to figure that one out.... must be too early for me!! ha ha I'll have to use that one, Lyn!
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