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Thread: painting with wool

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    Well, that was interesting. Thanks for posting the link. So, it seems she doesn't wet felt again after the needle felting?

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    That was interesting. Thanks for the link.

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    painting with wool
    Yes, the felting was very interesting and she's certainly clever .................but speaking as someone who is close to retirement age, I was more in awe of her ability to hunker down on the floor for such a long time while she was working !!

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    mmmmmmmmmm very interesting and looks great, lyn didnt you see her leg muscles lol

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    That was my first thought, "she needs a table".

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    painting with wool
    My toddler, 9 month-old, and I enjoyed the video! The music was hilarious. I love the prehistoric sea critters. I agree that a table would be a good addition!

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    Okay, I definitely do not want to work down on the floor again, but it was very interesting. Thanks for the link.

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