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Thread: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

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    How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    Could anyone tell me the easy way to make a cylinder shape by wet felting? I found a topic to make a cone shape in this forum but a cylinder.

    I tried making one by using glass jar wrapped with bubble wrap. I was able to make the shape but the wool didn't felt well because I kept the wool on the jar all the time.

    I think it will felt well if I make flat tube first and attach bottom later. But I'm not sure how to attach a bottom.

    This is the shape I want to make.

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    I would use a flat resist. The resist should be shaped in a rectangle (larger than you want your diameter to be by how much shrinkage you've calculated). Then put your wool on both sides of the resist and covering one end. Felt until hanging together, then remove flat resist, open into the tube shape and felt/full into shape. Have you used a flat resist before? I am sure there are more posts on using a resist here as well. I use "fun foam" - a product for children's crafts. Other people use bubble wrap, pool covers, wrapped cardboard. Anything flat that will hold up to the wetness and that you can cut into your preferred shape.

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)
    if you want the shape smaller than the jar use the jar and when it is holding together to take it off for the fulling. you can than use a smaller jar to get a nice flat bottom again. I don't like laying wool out around jars or balls. I would do it like Ruth said and when it's pretty well fulled put it on the jar for final shaping.

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)
    Yes, try the flat resist with the cardboard (or whatever) cut into the rectangle. Check out these videos for help.
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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    If the one in the photo is what you made by using the glass jar, then you did a great job.

    I've tried using a 3d resist quite a few times and it isn't as hard as I thought when I first tried it. I wasn't quite so succesful using a flat resist to make a cylinder/vessel shape, and ended up with a bag shape

    I've got a photo set on flickr using rolled up bubblewrap as a resist-it was my first attempt so the results weren't that good, but it shows the laying out and felting process. Any object can be used as a resist, but if the top is smaller than the sides, it can be difficult to slide off ... 727173325/

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    If you want a hollow cylinder perhaps you could use a piece of plastic pipe - pvc. I have never done it using a flat piece like Ruth and Ann do. I use canning jars, cover with fleece then panty hose per these instructions on Outback Fibers:" target="_blank

    I weigh my fiber before starting, so I know have enough. For a quart jar, I use about 1 1/2 ounces. You cannot always tell by the way it looks, and it seems like you have way too much fiber!!! After fulling, if it does not fit on the orginal jar, I use a smaller one and put the vessel on it to dry and it will keep its form.

    The photo you posted looks great I like the cone top - how did you do that?

    Good Luck,
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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    I would say make a flat rectangle, I find that method easiest and if you use a fairly thickish foam or plastic (craft foam is great for it) you can fold over the edges very tightly and not get a ridge.

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    Thank you everybody for your felp (Ooops help?)
    Sorry for the late reply. I've been madly experimenting

    Ruth and Ann,
    Yes, since I am still new to wet felting I was thinking of using the flat resist method for the tube part.

    Wow, your videos are great. I can learn a lot from your videos since I am still a beginner at wet felting.

    Yes, I made the house shape container in the photo. I made the cylinder with wet felting first and then needle to form and patch.
    As you can see in my pic, the wall is very thick but I wanted it to be more compact. Since I didn't know about fulling at the time I had to make the wall very thick so the cylinder stands up straight.
    Your step by step photos with 3D resists are easy to understand.
    I used a very thick glass jar which was heavy and difficult to handle.

    I never thought about weigh fibre! And using panty hose seems to be a good idea, too.
    Thank you. The house shape container turned out nicer than I expected.
    I used a wedge shape flat resist for the cone top after I found the topic in this forum.

    Thanks. That's what I was thinking of doing.

    I'm still facing some challenges with the techniques described. My main problem is the base of the cylinder. I can't seem to get my base as consistent, compact and strong like the walls of the cylinder. Also with a flat rectangle how do you make a circular base? I found that at first the base kind of look like a saddle

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    Making a circular base will be very dificult with the flat resist method. Then you'd best work around a jar or tin can to get the shape in one go. I often finish off such shapes in the dryer That is why I suggest a tin can which can bounce around in the dryer without trouble). Wrap your wool round and cover with netting or a stocking get it wet and make sure it is as even as possible, often working from batts is easiest that way. After rubbing for a bit till a , so called, skin forms take away the netting and wrap tightly in clingfilm and then put it in a bag you tie as securely as possible. Then throw in the dryer on the hottest setting and let it bounce around there for 30 minutes. Because it can not shrink all that much the fabric becomes very dense and stiff.

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)
    Going from the flat to the round resist it is a good idea to make the "bottom" of the flat resist rounded I stretch it over the shape and just rub and stretch. I like a star burst tupperware lid for rubbing. anything with s bumpy but smooth texture works. No sharp edges or it abrades the wool surface. If you seem to being hard on the surface you can cover with a nylon or other material to protect it. I have tossed things on a resist in the washer or the dryer to finish too, sometimes the fulling can be tedious.

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    Re: How to make a cylinder (hollow inside)

    Thank you for more tips!

    Now I really want to try the "washer and dryer" method(?) and keep experimenting.
    But I have to have a break from felting because I'm on my holiday in Japan (woo hoo )
    (It seems that felting is popular here and I'm hoping that I can find some cool stuff here.)
    I'll start my experiments as soon as I go back to Canada and post the result in new year.

    Happy holidays everybody on this site

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