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Thread: Mulberry bark?

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    Mulberry bark?

    Mulberry bark?
    Hi guys!

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with felting mulberry bark? I just bought some from a fiber store, and want to use it (along with other textures) to create a mosaic looking scarf.. I've never used it before, though. I am wondering what the texture looks like when it's done felting and if I should add a lot of fiber ontop to make it hold. Has anyone used it before? It looks like this: Mulberry bark?-umb-jpg

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    Mulberry bark?
    I have never used it but it is described as being very like silk fibers. I would think it it is a thin layer then the wool underneath it would probably grab it enough other wise add some to the top. Can't wait to here how it works.

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    Mulberry bark?
    I think a thin layer too.
    I just googled it and it says that you can also make it thinner if you soak it and then peel apart, might work like hankies?
    Very interesting, be good to see how it turns out.

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    Mulberry bark?
    You guys are so helpful, thank you for you input! Shelley thanks for looking that up for me, when I get it I'll try soaking it and see how it plays out.
    I'll make sure to post a pic when I make the scarf and go through my process!

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    Where do you get these at? They seems really neat.
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    I have seen this used in paper making but not felting. What a good idea to try it out. I think Shelley's idea of making the layers thinner is a good one. I wonder how the texture will feel on a scarf. I always thought of mulberry bark as stiff. I am looking forward to seeing the results of your experiment.

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    Mulberry bark?
    I found them here: She has a bunch of other beautiful stuff, too! Like silk laps, throwsters waste, etc.

    Ruth, when you handled it.. it was stiff? Hmm, so yeah maybe then soaking it would be the way to go, to make it more pliable. I definitely do not want a rough scarf! The texture is so interesting though, I'm excited to see how it turns out as well. I will be adding a bunch of different elements to the scarf (all undyed) and then when it's felted I'll be dyeing it using Acid dyes. We'll see how it goes!

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    I saw these somewhere recenlty. Are they 'manufactured'? They look a lot like silk carrier rods, they're stiff at first then go soft after soaking and separating, so maybe this will too?

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    Mulberry bark?
    It will be interesting to see if the bark dyes with acid dye. its a cellulose fiber so shouldn't. but silk is an exception to the dye rules so maybe this is too.

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    I was thinking if that it stays a bit stiff, it would be neat to use in a purse. I am curious about how it dyes up too.
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    Mulberry bark?
    Hmmm.. you guys are right! Acid dyes may not work. (I am still new to this whole dyeing thing). I guess I will have to test a piece out before I dye the whole scarf.. if it doesn't work, it'll just be all white then, haha.

    Zed, you're right, carrier rods are super stiff and hard and they really beautifully pliable when wet, here's hoping this will go the same way!

    Ariana, I think this texture would look AMAZING on a purse!
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    The acid dyes will probably give some color but it won't be strong like wool or silk. This might give a nice effect because of the contrast.

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    But you could use fiber reactive dyes and paint it essentially, right?
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    Mulberry bark?
    I wish I had fiber reactive dyes, I only have acid dyes. I am not sure what's the difference? I just started getting into dyeing, so I am a total newbie!

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    Maybe you could try this? I want to order some and try it out on a scarf after it has been felted. Has anyone else tried this type of paint/dye?

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