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Thread: how to make hollow felt balls?

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    how to make hollow felt balls?

    Hello, everyone, I have a question. I want to make a snowman for Christmas but I dont want to use too much wool so can you please advise me how to make a hollow felt ball? I really do not have an idea. I have one more question regarding felt soaps. I love to make them but I want to be able to make a small application on a tree , or sun or whatever, but i dont know how to do that with wool cause when i wet felt the soap all is mixing up .....on the other hand i cannot do it with the needle felting technique, there must be another way....but i simply don't know about it (((
    can you help???
    Thanks in advance


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    how to make hollow felt balls?
    hmmm nope can't help you but wondering how you make hollow felt balls to?? i want to make a egg shell but don't now how to do that. sorry no help but your not alone in figuring out to do stuff....

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    hollow balls and application on a soap

    Please people give us a hand. I am sure it's a fairly easy technique but I need some clue.... I want to make my Christmas snowman....(((

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    how to make hollow felt balls?
    Hello Polina
    You know how to make felted soaps - making a hollow shape is the same. Felt around a small rubber ball, or other suitable object, in the same way as you felt around soap. When it's dry, use a craft knife to cut an opening to remove the ball. A few delicate hand stitches to pull the cut edges together and you have a hollow ball.
    If you are just making one snowman, then the ball, or whatever you felt around, to make the body need not be cut out - you could just leave it in there and it would then be weighted for a stable display.

    When you make felted soap, and you are on the last layer, rub a little bit to firm up the fibres then add your design and rub at it gently until it attaches and finish felting in the usual way. You could needle felt a sun or tree shape (have you tried making needle felted shapes using a cookie cutter?) then place it on your last layer and felt it in.

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    I have never made a hallow ball, but have made many snowmen. To save wool, I cut a round form, from foam rubber (not styrofoam) and needle felt to the foam core to save wool. I don't see why you couldn't wet felt around a foam core also. Maybe needle felt a bit of wool to the core before applying the remaining wool for the wet felt portion, just so there is some wool attached to the foam. Remember, foam will absorb water, so squeeze in a towel to remove as much excess water as possible. Good luck and have fun!!!!


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    how to make hollow felt balls?
    You can use a styrofoam ball to wet felt around if you don't need to take the ball out. Or use polyester fiberfill for the core if you want it to be squishy. you can make prefelt and cut out your shapes then apply them to the top layer. if you put the soap into a nylon you can make sure the picture part is nice and tight and smooth before you felt it. As Koffipot said a balloon works really well because you only need a small hole to take it out.

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    I make snowmen. I use an un-carded quilt batting sort of wool for the inside of the snowman and put soft merino wool around that. Or...... you can felt around Polyfil too! I do that sometimes when I'm not adverising a 100% wool snowman. It can be tricky but worthwhile.

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    how to make hollow felt balls?
    Try buying some water balloons and try that, but of course you would have a hole where you have to remove the balloon unless you leave it in there to go down.

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    You can also felt around a ball of yarn, to use less of your fibre.

    Not hollow, but another good way to achieve your effect.

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