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Thread: first handbag

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    first handbag

    first handbag
    So, I need to figure out how to post more than 1 photo to a thread. Anyway, this is my first handbag. Black merino with silk hankies I dyed. It came out well, except I forgot to roll all directions (guess I made too many scarves before this!). It ended up too wide & I had to cut one side and hand stitch it back together on that side.

    IMG_0064[1] by zebrina1, on Flickr

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    first handbag
    Well, I don't know why a little guy is dancing in my post. Guess he likes my bag!

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    first handbag
    I love your humor! Your purse is very beautiful despite your mishap. I love your use of silk hankies. The colors are wonderful. Did you lay your wool first, then simply lay hankies over the wool? You don't have to secure the hankie with any wool on top or around the edges of the hankies? Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo! Marie

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    first handbag
    Great effort for a first bag. Very pretty. You can just keep rolling to keep the shrink going. Remember it shrink more in the direction you roll it.

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    first handbag
    Felting is just one giant learning curve isn't it? I can't even see the end of the curve yet.

    The bag looks great - I hope you enjoy using it.

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    first handbag
    Great job. Lyn your are right, it is a constant learning experience.

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    first handbag

    Marie, I laid the outside hankies, then layed the wool on top, then laid the inside light green hankies. I followed the directions in Uniquely Felt. The hankies are so 'holey' that thay stay by themselves. I didn't have to lay any wool strands on them.

    It is a learning experience. I keep trying new techniques. Thanks to all of you who recommended Uniquely Felt. It's been a real help in learning.

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    first handbag
    Zebrina, thank you so much for the info! Can't wait to see your future masterpieces! Marie

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    first handbag
    Pretty bag - the hankies create a nice texture.

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