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Thread: Cotton scrim shawl

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Oh wow Nicole - there are some beautiful things for sale in Rae's Etsy shop! I've had to wipe the drool off my chin.

    I've just looked at her photo of some scrim that you might buy for scarf making
    and the weave does look different - the weave of her dyed muslin is more like the scrim for sale by Whaleys isn't it?

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    Cotton scrim shawl

    Interesting! You are right, the muslin look more like the scrim from other places. Hmm. She does have beautiful things for sale.. it's hard not to want to buy it all!

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    I havent made many scarves or shawls, but this one has encouraged me to give it a go. Whats a good size to cut the fabric for either a scarf or shawl?

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    Cotton scrim shawl

    I am happy you are inspired. For a scarf I usually start out with a piece maybe 85X15 so it shrinks down to about 70X12. For shawls I start with a piece that is about 100X22 inches.

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Thanks Nicole, Ive ordered my gauze, lucky me that Rae is a fellow Aussie, so it wont take long to get here. Was going to get 1 piece, but nooooo.........way to many nice colours for just 1 piece

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Raes rags gauze is nice but the postage is very high to UK. I was going to order from Yarns & Fabrics, but they don't have enough in stock, so I'll try Whaleys instead.
    50 metres sounds a lot of scrim, but it makes it very cheap!!

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Surprising how quickly you can use 50 metres - trust me!
    And yes, even with the postage, it is cheap.
    If you sell things, you can always bundle up 10 metres or so and sell it on Etsy. We used to do that when we sold wool and it was very popular because undyed scrim in large pieces is very hard to find.
    Or you could share with a like-minded friend or two?

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    Thanks Lyn and Parvana

    I’ve just ordered a 50 metre roll of cotton scrim from Whaleys, and was really pleased with the price (69p per meter) up until the point I had to choose the shipping. At this stage a further 12(!) was added which bumped the price per metre up from 69p to 98p. Shame but still OK, but then at checkout it also added 10 in VAT! So what started out as a real feel-good purchase has left me feeling a little cheated if you know what I mean. So 69p/meter is actually 1.18/meter which is quite a difference . I really wish companies would be up front about VAT and postage so we don’t get a nasty surprise at checkout. The annoying thing is they seem to be the only place that sells the stuff in the quantity I want so there’s not even the choice to say sod ‘em and go elsewhere

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Yes LillyBeth - the reason I purchased from Whaley's is that it was the only place I could find that sold scrim in rolls so that I could have just the size pieces I needed.

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    open scrim from Rae's Rags ( Australia)


    I get my scrim from Rae's Rags in australia:
    Her scrim seems like a much looser weave.

    I bought some white scrim and it looked really tight and uniformed, for some reason the scrim that Rae has is just much more open, I couldn't find anything like hers undyed.
    With this shawl, the more I felted the swirls the looser the weave got around it, came out with some cool texture!

    Hi All,
    I'm new to this forum and it's great. I'll be taking a week long workshop on Nuno felting at the end of May. Our supply list requests 3 yards of cotton gauze or scrim. I've never worked with this before preferring silk fabric. I really don't like cotton gauze because of the way it bubbles up when finished.
    Parvana, I simply love your chestnut colored shawl in scrim from Rae's Rags in Australia. But when I followed the link to her Etsy shop, she doesn't seem to be selling anything but dolls. The scrim you used is so open and delicate and see through. Plus it's flat and smooth even after dying and felting. Searching online to find scrim, harem cloth ( Dharma Trading) or cotton gauze doesn't produce results that are as open weave looking. Can anyone help me. I live in the USA but was willing to pay the "penalty" for overseas shipping and high exchange rates. BTW, I need 3 yards. I'd settle for white but would prefer dyed.

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    Nicole, the link you give in the first post to your blog seems to be not working correctly. It says the page is not available. Can this post be found somewhere else?

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Have you tried checking with the instructor for her source for this material?

    In the US try the at $4.75 per yard. There is a picture of the fabric.

    White Cotton Scrim Fabric


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    That is some really open cotton scrim, never seen anything like that! Does it make the scarf any stronger though? It looks beautifully organic. Are you aware that your upper link doesn't lead to an existing page?

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Yes, I am aware that the link doesn't exist anymore. It was an old post and I have deleted/am revamping my blog.
    I am not sure where to get anymore cotton scrim like from Rae.. since she has passed. I have only worked with the cotton twice and more partial to silk.

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    Cotton scrim shawl
    Hi every one, I have a large amount of 50 thread to the inch scrim, I can dye it or sell it to you un-dyed. If you want to know more of what I have available send me an e-mail. I use it for nuno felting all the time and it works out beautifully.

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