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Thread: Shibori Felting Technique - Colorful "Craters"

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    Shibori Felting Technique - Colorful "Craters"

    Ok, so you gotta see how weird this shawl is. I think it is so artys-fartsy. It was definitely a unique experience making this scarf, it did some things that I wasn't expecting. Like when the circles felted they popped out after the fulling and my husband said that they looked like nipples, so I turned them into craters instead. So I guess I wasn't planning on doing the shibori felting technique but I did (at least I think what I did might full under shibori). I don't know anyway here is it the weirdest scarf I have ever made!

    Again I am being lazy and not uploading pics:

    Enjoy the weird!


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    Kate, your shawl is totally cool!! I really like the "back" of your shawl too!

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    Love it! Actually it's reversible because both sides are wonderful. Had a giggle at the nipple thing!

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    I love it! Both sides are totally different, depending on your mood.

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    Fabulous!!! how did you keep your circles so neat, did you make them before you put them on the silk?

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    Momo, no I didn't felt them before, I laid them out on the silk and then wetted them down, covered them with nylon and felted them like that. Sure the nylon kinda felted into the circles, and I had to be super careful when I pulled it up, but it worked well, even though it took forever!

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    I love your scarf! How did you get the craters? I have been wanting to try that for a while now.
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    That is sooooo cool! Isn't that half the fun of felting, this stuff has a mind of its own!

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    Wonderful colors and outrageously cool!
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    So here's a little update: I sold this scarf yesterday and while it was in my shop it was always the most viewed item each day. SO my question is, do I make another like it, different colors and such, or do I let it stand as a one and only. I feel like if I were to reproduce it in a different color scheme I would be lessening its uniqueness. But on the other hand it was such a popular item I wonder if a similar scarf would be too and bring my shop lots of views... So there it is, what should I do?

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    If you didn't advertise it as 'unique' or 'one-off' then you are entitled to replicate it as many times as you wish. And if it draws customers to your shop and it's a 'seller', then what are you waiting for?
    It's a beautiful design.
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    I agree with Lyn

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    The scarf looks great on both sides. Why not make another, it's not like it's mass production. Go for it while the going's good!

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    I don't know where this sparkly sheep avatar has come from. However, I may keep it!

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