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  1. How do I get rid of wool felt fuzzies?

    I'm a newbie here
    I've made several wool felt pieces/sculptures and I've always had the problem with these short and long strings and strands, that come out of the pieces. I am currently making a Baymax (from the movie Big Hero 6) figure, which is a white, cute chubby robot. The character is 100% smooth, but my piece doesn't display that feature....

    I've done some research in regards to this, and a lot of people suggest to poke with a thinner needle, poke for ...
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  2. vessels

    Currently I am in Ecuador with a bit of time on my hands.
    I was fortunate enough to acquire some alpaca fleece and have made a vessel using the balloon method.
    My question is now that it is dry can I lay dyed alpaca fleece over it and wet felt it again? I then want to needle felt a scene on to it. The background is a natural beige colour and I would like to get some green and blue shades for the ground and sky. The vessel is round and not very thick so I was thinking I could firm it ...
  3. New Features

    We have added a few fun new features to our forum!

    Photo Sharing Groups. Share your finished felting projects in the albums in our new photo sharing groups. Your amazing works won't get lost in the comment threads any more! We are working on adding a feature to display the latest album entries on our home page.

    Member Map - Pin yourself to our new member map! It's a fun way to see where everyone is from and you might even find a close neighbor to felt with. ...
  4. member map

    I just added myself to the member map. Why not add yourself so we can see where everyone is from.
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  5. Art is simply an expression of emotion.

    Hi everyone, Linda J Soroka here. I have been an artist in many many mediums for the last oh 40ish years. I just recently discovered felting! I'm obsessed now.
    I have an Art website for most of my sample things. Paintings on oil, photography, Jewelry making in sterling wire, and now Fiber art

    You can see the site at

    I also like to sew, knit, garden, spin and anything else I can get my mind wrapped around. I recently purchased ...
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