Northern Virginia. $700

This is a well-cared-for older model; it has NO timer and NO speed control. I've just bought a 50" model and don't see the need to keep my first one. It works very well; while it's rolling my fiber I get to do other things! New models, with timer and speed control, sell for $1700 with approx. $175 shipping. I often go to PA and to the Danville, VA area; I may be able to help with transport as far as S. Carolina if given enough time. Overall length is 44", frame height is 26" with an additional 4" from the handle. Width is 16.25". The size of the rollers is 28" long.

Feltcrafts Rolling Machine for Sale-p8310053-jpgFeltcrafts Rolling Machine for Sale-p8310054-jpgFeltcrafts Rolling Machine for Sale-p8310055-jpg